The project offers to set an overview and an analysis of the diverse jurisdictional argumentations. We will study the argumentation of French and foreign judges, of European judges (the European Court of Human Rights and the European Court of justice), international judges (the African Court, the Inter-American Court) and from quasi-judicial bodies (the European Committee of Social Rights, the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights) and we will focus on the question of the justiciability of social and economic rights, in order to understand their different judicial answers when they deal with social claims.

This research will focus on the analysis of the judges’ decisions. So it requires to integrate the study of the other actors of the case law, namely the parties to an action and the academic research contributing to the judicial response, thanks to their clever argumentation. The research project aims at analysing the use of Law and rights as instruments for political action in the fight against poverty.

This research also aims to point out the national and regional diversities as well as the convergent evolutions concerning the question of social rights. It will help to clarify the French situation, offer suggestions for law adjustments and fill the gap in the frenchspeaking legal research on those topics